List of Niches Currently Covered in the KW Library

List of Niches Currently Covered in the Keyword Library

Our founder, Brandon Gaille, is one of the top keyword research experts in the world. He personally completes the keyword research for every library.

Paid users can make one request per month for Brandon to do research for a new niche that is not in the library. It takes approximately 2 to 3 weeks for Brandon to finish the research, run the phrases he finds through RankIQ’s algorithms, and upload them to RankIQ.

Here is the full list of niches that have a hand picked keyword library.

Adult Party Ideas

Airmiles Loyalty


Arts/Crafts: 3D Printing

Arts/Crafts: Balloons

Arts/Crafts: Best Paint for

Arts/Crafts: Concrete

Arts/Crafts: Cricut

Arts/Crafts: crochet

Arts/Crafts: Diamond Painting

Arts/Crafts: Dyeing

Arts/Crafts: embroidery

Arts/Crafts: Etsy

Arts/Crafts: For Kids

Arts/Crafts: Glowforge

Arts/Crafts: Handmade Cards

Arts/Crafts: how to

Arts/Crafts: Jewelry

Arts/Crafts: Journaling

Arts/Crafts: knit

Arts/Crafts: Machining

Arts/Crafts: Macrame

Arts/Crafts: mix

Arts/Crafts: paint

Arts/Crafts: Pastels

Arts/Crafts: Procreate

Arts/Crafts: quilt

Arts/Crafts: sew

Arts/Crafts: Soap Making

Arts/Crafts: woodwork

Autism / ADHD / Dyslexia



Binoculars / Scopes


Board Games



Business: Advertising

Business: Affiliate and Influencer Marketing

Business: Amazon FBA

Business: Automation

Business: Customers

Business: eBay

Business: entrepreneur

Business: Excel

Business: Google Business Profile

Business: Packaging

Business: Paypal

Business: Productivity

Business: social media

Business: software

Career / Jobs

Career: CPA Exam

Career: How to Become

Cars: Autodetailing

Christian: Bible

Christian: commentary

Christian: Marriage

Christian: mix

Christian: Sunday School

Christian: verses


Collectibles: Star Wars


Coloring Pages: Adults



Decor/Interior Design: Bedroom

Decor/Interior Design: Floors

Decor/Interior Design: How to

Decor/Interior Design: Kitchen

Decor/Interior Design: Living Room

Decor: Lighting


Digital Art / Painting


Disney: Characters / Movies



Dogs/Cats: Beds

Dogs/Cats: Best for

Dogs/Cats: breeds

Dogs/Cats: can they eat

Dogs/Cats: comparison

Dogs/Cats: Doodles

Dogs/Cats: food

Dogs/Cats: French Bulldog

Dogs/Cats: Maine Coon

Dogs/Cats: mix

Dogs/Cats: Puppies

Dogs/Cats: questions

Dogs/Cats: Siamese Cats

Domestic Abuse

Dumpster Rental

Education/Teaching: Classroom Management

Education/Teaching: Engagement Games

Education/Teaching: English

Education/Teaching: English and Reading

Education/Teaching: Facts for Kids

Education/Teaching: French

Education/Teaching: History

Education/Teaching: Learning Strategies

Education/Teaching: Math

Education/Teaching: Science

Education/Teaching: Spanish

Electric Rides

Electric Rides: Bikes

Endangered Species

English Language Learning


Essential Oils: Non Medical

Facts About

Fantasy Football

Farming: Animals

Fashion/Makeup: Nails

Fashion: DIY Makeup and Skincare

Fashion: Earrings

Fashion: Hair

Fashion: How to Wear

Fashion: Jeans / Pants

Fashion: Men

Fashion: Plus Sized

Fashion: Purses

Fashion: Shoes

Fashion: Spandex

Fashion: Sustainable

Fashion: What to Wear


Financial Crimes / Scams


Fitness: best ___

Fitness: exercises

Fitness: mix

Fitness: running

Fitness: workouts

Fitness: yoga

Food: air fryer

Food: Allergy Friendly

Food: Appetizers

Food: Baked Desserts

Food: Bars

Food: bbq

Food: Beef

Food: Beer

Food: blenders

Food: Bread

Food: Breakfast

Food: Cake Making/Decorating

Food: Canning

Food: Chicken

Food: Chinese

Food: Chocolate

Food: Clean Eating

Food: coffee

Food: Cookies

Food: Cooking for One

Food: copycat

Food: Costa Rican

Food: Cupcakes

Food: Curry

Food: Dominican

Food: Fermented Recipes

Food: Freeze Dry / Dehydrating

Food: Fruits

Food: German

Food: Gluten Free

Food: Healthy

Food: Holidays

Food: how tos

Food: Indian

Food: instapot

Food: Italian

Food: Japanese

Food: Keto

Food: Kitchen Appliances

Food: leftovers

Food: lists

Food: Low Sugar

Food: Macro Diet

Food: Meal Ideas

Food: Meal Prep

Food: Mexican

Food: Middle Eastern

Food: Mocktails

Food: No Cook No Bake

Food: other cookers

Food: Paleo

Food: Pancakes

Food: Pasta

Food: Pies

Food: Pork

Food: Protein

Food: questions

Food: recipes

Food: Roasted / Baked

Food: Sandwiches

Food: Sauces and Condiments

Food: Seafood

Food: Seasoning

Food: sides

Food: Smoker

Food: Soups and Stews

Food: Sous Vide

Food: substitute for

Food: Tea

Food: Toddlers

Food: Tofu

Food: Turkey

Food: UK

Food: veg/vegan

Food: Vegetables

Food: Weight Watchers

Food: Wine

Food: Wine Pairings

Food: wine/spirits

Football: History


Foster Parenting


Frugal Living




Gardening: Flowers

Gardening: Indoor

Gardening: Succulents

Gift Ideas

Graphic Design

Hair: Curly

Health: Acid Reflux

Health: Alcoholism / AA

Health: alt medicine

Health: Anti-Aging

Health: Benefits of

Health: blindness

Health: Caregiving

Health: Diabetes

Health: Disorders

Health: ED

Health: Elderly

Health: Hair Care

Health: Heart Disease

Health: Hypnosis

Health: Light Therapy

Health: Long Term Care

Health: Marijuana

Health: Menopause

Health: Menstrual Cups

Health: Migraines

Health: Nursing / Nurses

Health: Physical Therapy

Health: Skincare

Health: Sleep


Holidays: Halloween

Holidays: Thanksgiving

Home: Backyards

Home: Best Paint for

Home: Fences

Home: Landscaping

Home: Painting Furniture

Home: Remodeling


Homeschool: 1st & Up

Homeschool: kinder

Homeschool: mix

Homeschool: preschool

Homeschool: worksheets

Homesteading / Composting

Horror Genre


HR / Workplace


Hunting: US Animals

IKEA Hacks

Immigration / Citizenship


Law Enforcement / First Responders

Luxury Kitchen and Bath

Luxury Lifestyle

Medical School

Mental Health

Mental Health: Children and Teens

Messianic Judaism

Military Bases and Schools


Mindset: Affirmations

Mindset: Chakra

Mindset: Confidence

Mindset: Feng Shui

Mindset: Goals

Mindset: Gratefulness

Mindset: How to Deal With

Mindset: Law of Attraction

Mindset: Manifestation

Mindset: Meditation

Mindset: Motivational

Mindset: Quotes

Mindset: Self-Discipline

Mindset: Self-Love / Self-Care

Mindset: Women


MLM / Network Marketing

Mom: babies

Mom: Baby Nursery

Mom: cakes

Mom: Coloring Pages

Mom: Cub Scouts

Mom: holidays

Mom: How to

Mom: Kids Activities

Mom: Kids Behavior

Mom: Kids Jokes and Puns

Mom: mix

Mom: parties

Mom: Picky Eaters

Mom: Poems for Kids

Mom: Postpartum

Mom: pregnancy

Mom: Pregnancy / Fertility

Mom: Printables


Motion Capture

Movies: Romance


Music: Drums


Net Worth

New Age and Astrology

Non Toxic / Eco Friendly


Nutrition: benefits

Nutrition: Biblical

Nutrition: comparisons

Nutrition: diets

Nutrition: Fasting

Office Chairs

On Demand Delivery: Instacart / Uber Eats

Organization Ideas

Outdoors: Backpacking

Outdoors: Bicycle Trails

Outdoors: Bikes – Best

Outdoors: camping

Outdoors: Camping Food

Outdoors: Foraging

Outdoors: hiking

Outdoors: kayaking

Outdoors: Kids

Outdoors: mix

Outdoors: Mountain Biking

Outdoors: Paddleboarding

Outdoors: rv

Outdoors: Van Life

Over 30 Lifestyle

Over 40 Lifestyle

Over 50 Lifestyle

Paper Crafts


Parenting: Adoption

Parenting: Baby Sleep

Parenting: Breastfeeding

Parenting: Calendars and Trackers

Parenting: Labor / Delivery

Parenting: Twins


Period Dramas

Personal Finance: Annuities

Personal Finance: Bookkeeping

Personal Finance: Budgeting

Personal Finance: Credit Cards

Personal Finance: Credit Repair

Personal Finance: Cryptocurrency

Personal Finance: Debt

Personal Finance: Estate Planning

Personal Finance: ETFs

Personal Finance: how tos

Personal Finance: Life Insurance

Personal Finance: living

Personal Finance: Loans

Personal Finance: mix

Personal Finance: Options Trading

Personal Finance: Paying for College

Personal Finance: Real Estate Investing

Personal Finance: Retirement

Personal Finance: Side Hustles

Personal Finance: taxes

Personal Finance: vs

Personal Safety / Home Security

Pest Control: Insects

Pets: Budgie

Pets: Goldendoodle

Pets: Guinea Pigs

Pets: Rabbit

Photography – Adobe Lightroom

Photography: Adobe Photoshop

Photography: Cameras

Photography: General

Photography: Photoshoots

Plant Based Lifestyle






Project Management / Remote Working

Project Management 2

Public Speaking


Quotes: Movies

Real Estate


Relationships: Dating

Relationships: Honeymoon

Relationships: Marriage

Secular Religion



Smart Home


Solar Panels


Special Education

Speech Therapy

Sports: Basketball

Sports: Boating

Sports: Football

Sports: golf

Sports: Martial Arts

Sports: Other

Sports: Pickleball

Sports: Roller Skating

Sports: Tennis

Sports: Ultrarunning




Tech: AWS

Tech: Remote Controls

Tech: Streaming Media

Tests: SAT and ACT

Tiny Home

Travel Insurance

Travel: Australia

Travel: Barbados

Travel: Bay Area

Travel: California

Travel: Caribbean

Travel: Croatia

Travel: cruises

Travel: Day Trips and Road Trips

Travel: destinations

Travel: Ecuador

Travel: Finland

Travel: Florida

Travel: Germany

Travel: Greece

Travel: Guatemala

Travel: Hudson Valley

Travel: Iceland

Travel: Italy

Travel: Key West

Travel: Maryland

Travel: Mexico

Travel: Mount Everest

Travel: National Parks

Travel: New England

Travel: New Hampshire

Travel: New Zealand

Travel: Oklahoma

Travel: Pennsylvania

Travel: Portugal

Travel: San Francisco

Travel: Solo Travel

Travel: Tennessee

Travel: UK

Travel: Virginia

Travel: What to Pack

Travel: Wisconsin

Trivia & Quiz


Upcycle / Recycle

Vending Machines

Vinyl Records

Water Filters


Weddings: Elope

Window Film