RankIQ Review: Full Walkthrough of Member Area (March 2021)

Here is our demo video that gives you a quick 10 minute review of RankIQ. A more extensive 25 minute video is at the bottom of this post.


What’s the Price?

RankIQ is currently offering an early access monthly rate of $49 (Normally $99).

Our AI Toolset is one of the best out there. The closest comp for the AI is Clearscope, which starts at $170/month.

For the same level of deep analytics in our keyword research tool, you will need to sign up for a tool like SEMRush, which starts at $119/month.

The big difference between our keyword research tool and everyone else is that we have hand picked keyword libraries for over 200 blogging niches. That means you will not have to spend $119/month and 100s of hours trying to find keyword to rank for on SEMRush. It has all been done for you by one of the top keyword research experts in the world (Brandon Gaille).

What do I get for $49/month

You get unlimited searches in the Keyword Research Libraries.

You can request that we create a Keyword Library just for your niche. A request like this from a company or consultant would cost you between $500 to $2500.

You get 16 AI SEO Reports per month. The average cost of an AI SEO report for our competitors is $10 per report (at the same price point as RankIQ). If you were to say that the Keyword Library was completely free, then the cost for an AI SEO report would still be just $3 per report. That means you are getting AI SEO reports for 70% less than the industry average.

Our Onboarding Video with a Full Walkthrough of Everything

Here is a more extensive walk through review of RankIQ that is 25 minutes long.