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Pro Blogger’s Guide to Updating Old Blog Posts for Big Traffic Gains

Orbit media‚Äôs latest blogging survey revealed that bloggers who update old posts get 270 percent more results than bloggers who do not update their old posts. Back in 2017, only 53 percent of bloggers updated at least one old post … Read More

The Food Blog SEO Study

Food Blog SEO Study (2022): 19 SEO Tips for Food Bloggers

We analyzed the top food blogs with the most organic Google traffic to find out the SEO secrets behind their raving success. The food blogging niche has the most blogs with 50,000+ monthly sessions and second place is not even … Read More

14 Most Profitable Blog Niches that Make the Most Money (2023)

We analyzed data from 803 blogs that were making $2000+ per month and/or getting 50,000+ monthly sessions. The data that was used came from a mix of income reports and surveys. The findings from this study will help new bloggers … Read More


Greatest Internal Linking SEO Growth Hacks of All-Time

Most bloggers do not spend much time building internal links from one of their posts to another. If they do any type of link building, then it is getting external links from other sites. SEO pros know that internal links … Read More

5 Post Title Growth Hacks that get First Page Google Rankings

Here are five post title growth hacks that will increase the click through rate of your titles and push your posts to the top of Google. #1 Use Between 50 and 60 Characters Most titles over 60 characters are going … Read More