Why Our SEO Affiliate Program Rocks

RankIQ is Now the Top Paying SEO Affiliate Program with a Max Payout of $225/signup

SEMRush is the closest SEO affiliate program to reaching RankIQ's max affiliate commission. However, SEMRush's lowest subscription tier costs $129, and RankIQ's is just $49. RankIQ's payout multiple of 450% of the cost to sign up is unmatched.

You will get $100 for every person you refer to RankIQ. With monthly achievement bonuses that are easy to reach, you can get up to $225 per referral. Here are this month's bonuses: 

5 Referrals = $500 Bonus

10 Referrals = An additional $500 Bonus
20 Referrals = An additional $1500 Bonus

For example, if you refer 10 people in a calendar month, you will get $100 for each ($1000), a $500 bonus for reaching 5, and a $500 bonus for reaching 10. That gives you a total of $2000 for sending ten referrals to join RankIQ.

Special for This Month Only
Any affiliate that refers 5 new customers this month will receive a free 1-year membership to RankIQ in addition to their commissions and bonuses.

Their Conversion Rates are High Because They Have a 1-Year Study that Shows Results

Here's the recent 1-year study of 2363 Mediavine blogs found that the Mediavine blogs using RankIQ increased their Google traffic 468% more than the Mediavine blogs not using RankIQ.

RankIQ is the Highest-Rated SEO Tool in the World

For two years straight, RankIQ has been ranked #1 out of all 482 SEO tools for customer satisfaction. Their toolset launched less than 3 years ago, so there is a huge market that has yet to hear about RankIQ.

Affiliates Get Paid Faster Than Anyone (14 Days After Every Month)

RankIQ pays affiliates within 14 days of the end of each month. No waiting around for months to get paid like other affiliate programs.