Most bloggers do not spend much time building internal links from one of their posts to another. If they do any type of link building, then it is getting external links from other sites.

SEO pros know that internal links are just as valuable as external links. A study by Databox found 42% of SEO pros spend equal time building internal and external links, and 24% of them spend more time building internal links than external links.

In this post, I am going to reveal some of the top internal linking growth hacks that top bloggers and SEO pros live by.

Let’s get started.

#1 High-Value Page Authority Boost

This tactic is specifically designed to boost blog posts that rank between #2 and #8. The reason why it is #2 through #8 is that these positions will have the biggest traffic gains by moving up in the rankings. Moving up just one spot will get you a traffic increase from 32% to 50%.

My 5-minute tutorial below walks you through this truly amazing growth hack.


#2 New Post Rankings Bump

For most bloggers, internal linking is not part of publishing a new post. If it is, then it usually has to do with placing internal links out to other posts from the newly published post. These call-to-action outbound internal links to other related blog posts are great for increasing the average time on page and reducing the bounce rate.

What is even more important, though, is making sure that you have plenty of internal links from pages and posts within your blog that have high page authority.

In the screencast tutorial below, I will walk you through a simple process that will help your new posts move up faster and higher in the Google rankings.


#3 The Perfect Content Hub

A content hub is a cluster of posts on a website, that are directly related and are strategically interlinked together.

In the tutorial below, I will give you a template for creating content hubs that rank high on Google. I will also show you how to find existing content on your blog that can be converted into a content hub.


I hope you have enjoyed learning these indispensable internal linking growth hacks.

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